Alford Green Hub: Progress Report Autumn 2020

The Climate Challenge Funded Alford Green Hub project has progressed steadily in the last 9 months in spite of Covid doing its best to stop us in its tracks.  The poly tunnel was erected nearly a year ago and we have had really good yields from the raised beds in it and many happy gardeners.  We have a number of new allotments who have got on with the job with great efficiency and really valued the chance to grow their own food and yields of tatties, peas and brassicas have been exceptionally good.  We harvested over 1.4 tons of food from our plots in September alone! 

We were donated a large good quality second-hand greenhouse which has been erected and is already proving useful to bring plants on before planting out.  A big thanks to the construction team for their work on that project. 

We have made good progress with the main building.  A new much better insulated roof was put on and we put on it 21 kW of solar panels which will generate an income stream and give us a chance to convert electricity into heat for space heating.  Thanks to Local Energy Scotland for all their support on this.  John Reid and a small construction team have been working hard to prepare the areas under the windows with properly insulated panels and we await the fitting of windows in the next few weeks. 

The orchard has been challenging.  Some trees have produced fruit in their first year, but a number of trees have died and will be replaced in the next couple of months.  We have had a few cherries a few apples and a few pairs.  Willie Thomson has supervised an extension of field drains as we think the wetness of the imported clayey soil might have caused some of our problems.